The Natanek Group, Polish carrier which transports goods throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, decided to open a driving school in Ukraine. Graduates can count on employment in Poland.

The school operates in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, nearly 130 km from Lviv. As we have learned from the company’s representatives, it has been in full operation for six months, so it can now train up to several dozen students per month.

The company admits that the possibilities are bigger, but for now there are not enough vacancies for drivers who will complete the training.

Practice in a truck and at the screen

The school offers both theoretical and practical training. The company’s representatives argue that their students must „become fully functional to perform the profession in terms of content and practice”.

Practical training takes place in a truck and … with a Truck Driving Simulator. The company assures, however, that this is a temporary measure because it is waiting „for the contract for a professional booth with a simulator”. This, according to experts, is crucial.

Employers who seek drivers appreciate first of all practical experience on real cars in real weather conditions. They want drivers to have the ability to deal with difficult and unforeseen situations. However, if the company in question trains drivers in this way with the intention of employing them and making their own fleet available to them, there is nothing wrong with that. They realize what these young drivers should still learn. But what if these people want to work in another company?” wonders Marcin Wolak from the recruitment platform.

Editor’s comment

The training of drivers by the carrier is nothing new. A few months ago, the media reported that Nagel Group had bought a driving school in Germany. Companies offer housing and state authorities train immigrants or think about lowering the minimum age at which a C + E driving license can be made. Time will show which of these solutions will prove to be the most effective.

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