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Satellic, the operator of the toll system in Belgium, informs users about changes. The existing Fast Track Account will be replaced with a new one – Service Point Account. The toll rates in Flanders will also increase at the beginning of next month.

Satellic has announced a new version of the General Terms and Conditions for users of the box of the Belgian company. At the beginning of July, they introduce a new form of user account – Service Point Account.

Fast Track Account is available at 128 service points by the end of the month. It is anonymous, but can only be active for 15 days. After this period, it should be updated to the full version, i.e. Full Account or the box should be returned to the operator. Otherwise, it will be blocked and the holder will face a fine of EUR 500.

However, this account will be replaced by Service Point Account, which requires providing the company information and contact data, but is active for an unlimited period of time.

Toll increases in Flanders and Brussels

The Flemish and Brussels regional governments have decided to increase road tolls from 1 July 2019. The reason for these increases is that prices are adjusted to market realities, taking into account inflation and rising costs.

Here are the rates applicable from 1 July this year:

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