Changes in crossing the Turkish border. See how to enter or cross Turkey

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The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Turkey has provided a set of guidelines related to the international transport of goods . Depending on the type of transport, the regulations differ slightly.


This kind of travel is possible, but only for drivers who do not have symptoms of coronavirus infection. Therefore, drivers will be inspected in this respect and their vehicles will be disinfected.

At the border, drivers will also have to make a statement declaring that „they will not make stops unless they are necessary”. Moreover, drivers will only be allowed into Turkey if the Turkish customs services are certain that the vehicle and the driver will be admitted to the destination country.

The route drivers must follow is determined by the authorities.

Customs officers will determine transit routes and parking spaces for the vehicles. All vehicles in transit will be registered by a tracking system to ensure vehicles leave the country within 36 hours in case of the most distant border crossing on the route and 24 hours for other border crossings. These periods may be extended up to 48 hours.

During stops, drivers will have to use masks, just like in any other places where they will be in contact with people. Hence, they are urged to have their supplies of protective and disinfecting equipment and food on hand.

Entry to Turkey

The driver’s health check will take place at the border and the vehicle will be disinfected. It is also necessary to use masks during each stop and when coming into contact with the population.

Customs procedures for foreign drivers will be carried out in an isolated area by changing drivers and/or a trailer/load,” reads the Polish government website. „If this is not possible, (these drivers) will enter Turkey after the 14-day quarantine period (outside of Turkey) has expired.”

The route followed by the foreign driver will be strictly determined by customs, as will the time of the journey. Also, in this case, a declaration of stopping only when necessary will have to be provided at the border.

The transport of medicines, food and medical products will be easier. In certain situations, a 14-day quarantine will not be necessary, but then the driver will undergo health tests and the customs will „take the necessary protective measures”. However, the statement did not provide any further information on what protective measures are considered necessary.

Departure from Turkey

Customs will check that foreign drivers have complied with their requirements. If not, they face criminal prosecution and no re-entry.

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Ro-ro transport

Only semi-trailers or containers can be transported by sea – and therefore without tractors. In exceptional circumstances (with the consent of the port’s management) a driver’s ride with the vehicle can be possible, but then all the restrictions described above will be required.

In addition, drivers will need to maintain the necessary safe distance from the ship’s crew. In turn, trucks imported into Turkey by ships will be disinfected (cabins) before they are returned to drivers.