Climate protection: all-roads lorry toll urged to be introduced in Austria

If road tolls for lorries were expanded to all roads in Austria, it would bring half a billion euros to the government that could be spent on building a climate-friendly transport system, claims the Austrian Social Democratic party SPÖ. The party is pushing for an urgent expansion of road tolls.

Climate protection: all-roads lorry toll urged to be introduced in Austria
Wikimedia/Jochen Teufel CCA SA 3.0

“The lorry avalanche on Austria’s roads brings exhaust gases, noise and a higher risk of accidents. We all bear the costs of damage to health and the environment. With a lorry toll on all roads, we relieve our communities and can invest in the expansion of rail infrastructure! ” – said SPÖ environmental spokeswoman Julia Herr.

The spokeswoman refers to figures by the Austrian Transport Club (Verkehrsclub Österreich – VCÖ); 2.2 billion litres of the 3.8 billion litres of diesel fuelled in the first half of 2021 were purchased by bulk buyers, primarily for lorries.

Herr says that if heavy goods transportation were shifted from the roads to the rails, CO2 emissions were to decrease sharply.

An extension of the lorry toll on all roads brings an additional half a billion euros for investments in a climate-friendly transport system,” continued Herr. –“These are also urgently needed, because an expansion of the rail network and the expansion of existing capacities are required.”

She also promotes the digitization and automation of rail freight so that companies would switch from lorries to rail.

Photo credit @ Wikimedia/Jochen Teufel CCA SA 3.0

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