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Wing, Google’s subsidiary, has been given the green light by the Australian capital Canberra to deliver shopping supplies by drones. The company will focus primarily on the development of local trade.

After 7 years of development, Google has officially launched a drone delivery service through its subsidiary Wing. The first packages are being delivered in Canberra, South Australia, where the company has been testing the equipment since 2014. Drones can only move during the day and should avoid flying over main roads and also too close to people. According to Google, the company has reduced the noise generated by the equipment by modifying the rotors while lowering the speed of the flight.

Several dozen deliveries a day

Wing’s activity in the Australian capital begins modestly. So far, the company has been making 10 drone deliveries in the suburbs of Canberra. A total of 30 to 50 flights per day are to be operated, and the weight of the parcels delivered will not exceed 1.5 kg. Drones deliver, among others, medicines, groceries, ready-made snacks or coffee. The devices travelDrones deliver distances so that the average time between placing an order and receiving the goods is only a few minutes.

Wing has already announced that Helsinki will be the next city to launch the service. Drones over the Finnish capital are expected as early as this spring.



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