Confirmed: BAG will be empowered to use road toll data to detect illegal cabotage

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The German government voted in favour of some important changes in road freight regulations last Thursday. According to the new rules, road toll data can be used by the BAG to detect illegal cabotage and road toll rates will also increase.

Last Thursday, the German Government approved the plan of empowering lorry inspectors to use road toll data to detect cabotage and other road freight violations from October.

By using road toll data, BAG inspectors will be able to find out when a lorry enters Germany and when it is leaves. With this knowledge, it will be easier to assume whether illegal cabotage operations have been carried out and if drivers’ hours’ regulations have been respected.

Road toll increase

Also, the Bundestag amended Germany’s toll regulations by applying higher tolls for air pollution from October 1st, 2021.

Moreover, It must be added that due to an ECJ ruling on October 28th, 2020, Germany must decrease the infrastructure cost of its road tolls retrospectively. All in all, toll rates are going to be higher from October for most vehicles.

According to road transportation portal Verkehrrundshau, these will be the rates for lorries after the 1st of October:

  • Euro 6:  1.2 cents / km (: previously 1.1 cents / km)
  • EEV and Euro 5:  2.3 cents / km (previously 2.2 cents / km)
  • Euro 4 and Euro 3:  3.4 cents / km (: previously 3.2 cents / km)
  • Euro 2:  7.8 cents / km (previously 7.4 cents / km)
  • Euro 1 and vehicles without classification:  8.9 cents / km (: previously 8.5 cents / km)

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