Construction of Europe’s largest HGV park and charging centre started in the middle of Denmark

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With a financial grant of 162 million Danish kroner (more than 21 million euros) from the EU, the construction of Europe’s largest HGV park and charging place has started in Horsens, Denmark. Named, Recharge City, it will be capable of accommodating 450 trucks in a 24-hour monitored separate area.

Construction of Europe’s largest HGV park and charging centre started in the middle of Denmark
Photo credits @ Recharge City

As we have earlier reported, the rest area, which will cover over 270,000 sqm, will provide parking space for 400 trucks. In addition, it will be equipped with solar cells, restaurants, a fitness centre and various shops, as well as the aforementioned 10-storey hotel with its own helipad.

All these facilities are to be built with the purpose of providing drivers with proper conditions for spending their mandatory 45-hour weekly breaks in a comfortable place.

The location of the rest area, Horsens, also just happens to be where DSV started building Europe’s largest logistics centre in 2020. At the time, the Danish logistics company described the facility as a “a future-proof centre on a 700,000 sqm area”.

The reason why such large-scale investments are placed here can be found in the strategic location for transport between the Nordics and all other European countries.

„Recharge City is an absolutely extraordinary project which is really well thought out. There is a clear common thread in relation to our position of strength within the transport and logistics-heavy industries, and this helps to solve a number of challenges. We will get better traffic management, more space on the roads and higher security around the transport of goods, and that is needed. Therefore, it will also be even more attractive for companies with large transport and logistics needs to establish themselves here, because both infrastructure and facilities will now be future-proofed and among the best in Europe” said nearby Hedensted Municipality’s mayor, Ole Vind, commenting on the project.

The HGV park is aiming to receive the EU’s Platinum Certification which is the highest achievable HGV park standard in Europe.

Image credits @ Recharge City

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