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Since mid-April, Italy requires drivers to provide a completed declaration about their personal data and register it with the Italian health service. The Italian authorities extended this obligation until 14 June. In Austria, the relaxation of traffic bans for heavy goods vehicles expired on 17 May and it has not been extended. The next Austrian public holiday is this week. 

At the beginning of May, Italy prolonged the requirement of registering drivers in the Italian health service and having their declarations; until 17 May. The measure was extended until 14 June this year – reported the International Road Transport Union (IRU). 

Drivers must complete the declaration before entering Italy, and register the document with the Italian health service. Also, truckers loading or unloading on Italian territory will not be able to stay in the country for more than 72 hours (in special cases it is possible to extend their stay by 48 hours). In the case of transit, the declaration is valid for a maximum of 24 hours after entering Italy (in special cases it is possible to extend the stay by another 12 hours) – reminds ITD-PIP Transport Office. On the office’s website, you will find the current form of the template. There is a penalty of 650 euros for violating the rules.

Austria restores truck bans

From 18 May, the relaxation of traffic bans introduced by Austria due the coronavirus pandemic is no longer in force, reports the International Transport Union (IRU). Relaxation expired on 17 May, and the authorities did not extend it. 

We remind you that traffic bans in Austria include tractors with trailers with a GVW of a tractor or a trailer over 3.5 t, trucks, articulated vehicles with a GVW exceeding 7.5 t.

The above-mentioned vehicles may not drive on Austrian roads: 

– on Saturdays from 15:00 to 24:00,

– on Sundays and public holidays from 0:00 to 22:00.

The next public holiday in Austria is the Ascension of the Lord on May 21 (Thursday). Therefore, the day after tomorrow, traffic bans will be in force in Austria, which may cause congestion of trucks at the border, because in Bavaria restrictions are still relaxed. According to Bavarian police, traffic jams are possible on BAB 96 near Lindau and BAB 7 in the border tunnel in Füssen.



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