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Customs officers at the Danish port of Esbjerg have had to lengthen their usual 7-hour shifts to 12 hours in order to deal with the extra customs paperwork caused by Brexit.

Despite the longer hours, at least one customs officer seems to be revelling in the change.

Birte Mose, who works at customs at the port, told Danish TV channel TV SYD yesterday that the current situation was one of „the most exciting challenges” he had experienced in 42 years working in the industry.

He added that there is no doubt that things are getting busier, but it is not yet clear just how busier it will get in the future.

According to TV SYD,  back in 2018 the port only employed 3 customs officers. That figure has now risen to 12 and one more is officer is currently being trained to join the team.

In addition to that, the customs office at Esbjerg used to be open from 8pm to 3pm on weekdays. Now the place is open 12-hours a day, 365 days a year.

A tough change? One would certainly presume so, but „We’ll just have to get used to it”, says Birte.

Photo credit: Alan Jamieson / Wikimedia Commons


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