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DAF Trucks have taken a step further towards low-carbon mobility by doubling its range of DAF CF Electric trucks. The first such trucks will reach customers early next year. 

According to DAF Trucks’ official press release, the range of its CF Electric trucks will be doubled to over 200 kilometres. The manufacturer’s new generation of 350 kWh lithium-ion batteries will also bring additional benefits; the battery is not only stronger, but also much lighter. This results in the trucks being 700 kg lighter, in turn improving their payload capacity.

The CF Electric will be on sale this month, with the first orders trucks planned for early 2021. DAF’s electric motor remains the same as in the previous generation, and features a 210 kW drive and a maximum torque of 2000 Nm.

DAF say it should take about 75 minutes to fully charge the battery using a 250 kW charging station. By charging the battery while unloading and loading or taking a break, DAF’s CF Electric can achieve a range of up to 500 kilometres per day.

Photo: DAF Trucks


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