DAF launches free, real-time tracking and reporting fleet management platform

DAF launches free, real-time tracking and reporting fleet management platform

DAF Trucks has introduced a new online fleet management platform called PACCAR Connect. The system is designed to provide real-time data on vehicle and driver performance, logistics processes, and overall fleet efficiency.

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All new DAF XB, XD, XF, XG, and XG+ trucks will be equipped with PACCAR Connect as standard. Existing users of DAF Connect, the company’s previous platform, will also receive a free software update to the new system.

PACCAR Connect offers real-time access to a range of data, including individual vehicle performance, fleet-wide information, logistics processes, and driver performance. This data can be viewed from any internet-connected device, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

A key feature of PACCAR Connect is its seamless integration with existing third-party logistics applications. This allows existing logistics software to utilize data from the PACCAR Connect online portal, streamlining the monitoring of fleets and logistical processes.

For drivers, PACCAR Connect offers an optional detachable tablet that allows them to receive new routes directly from the home base through the DAF truck navigation system.

The platform also provides comprehensive reporting tools. Users can view truck and fleet performance data 24/7 online and generate customizable reports on routes and fuel efficiency that can be emailed at any time.

An additional feature, geofencing, notifies the home base when a truck nears a delivery location or becomes operational again after maintenance at a dealer.

Fleet owners seeking more in-depth data can choose the optional Eco Score and Vehicle Health modules. Eco Score provides detailed driver performance reports, while Vehicle Health monitors vehicle condition, including real-time dashboard signals and upcoming service reminders.

New DAF vehicles come with a free ten-year subscription to PACCAR Connect, regardless of ownership changes. The online portal will receive ongoing free software updates during this period.

DAF claims PACCAR Connect sets a new standard for online fleet management platforms due to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing third-party logistics applications. The company emphasizes that the platform simplifies and optimizes fleet monitoring and logistics processes.