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During an investigation by the Danish authorities, numerous illegal cabotage operations carried out in Denmark by a German transport company came to light. The German carrier faces a record penalty.

Police from central and western Zeeland have been suspecting a German company for some time of illegal cabotage operations on Danish territory. The investigation carried out last Monday at the Danish branch of the German carrier in the municipality of Aabenraa confirmed the suspicions and revealed regular breaches of cabotage regulations, reports the Danish police.

During the operation, police officers detained two trucks of a German carrier. 

We have suspected for some time that the company has been operating too many routes in Denmark, and our investigation has shown that some trucks registered in Germany have carried out up to 20 cabotage operations in Denmark, although only 3 per week are allowed. That’s why we decided to investigate the company and detain foreign trucks to find evidence of illegal practices,” said Henrik Fobian, police commissioner of the Tungvognscenter (truck division) police force in Central and Western Zeeland. 

Very severe fine

During the search, Danish officers found documents confirming that the foreign company’s trucks had performed up to 150 cabotage operations, many of which were carried out in blocks of four or more. 

In this case, according to Commissioner Fobian, the total fine may increase to approximately one million Danish crowns (approx 132 thousand euros). The detained trucks are the security for this amount. 



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