Deutsche Telekom checked the level of digitalisation of the German logistics industry

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Deutsche Telekom checked the level of digitalisation of the German logistics industry

The largest telecom company in Germany has published a report entitled “Digitization index of medium-sized enterprises 2019/2020”. It turns out that the degree of digitization in German logistics is higher than in many other sectors. 

The digitization index of 61 index points in the logistics sector is well above the average of all sectors of the German economy. This placed the sector in fourth place after banking and insurance, information and communication, and water and energy supply. This is the result of a comparative study conducted by Deutsche Telekom.

More than 2,000 enterprises took part in the survey, including small companies with less than ten employees and large companies with more than 250 employees. An important conclusion of the study is that the degree of digitization is steadily increasing in all sectors and for all sizes of companies.

As the study shows, digitization in logistics is very important for future business development. More than half of the companies (53%) have already firmly anchored this topic in their business strategy. Another 26% of companies are implementing their first digital projects.

In terms of customer relations, the transport and logistics sector also achieved an excellent result with 60 index points. 59% of respondents use social networks to attract potential customers, 44% rely on search engine marketing. These methods are considered effective by as many as 86% of respondents. 78% said that this strategy was reflected in the company’s turnover. 

Digital solutions for the industry

Although tracking solutions are now standard, real-time analysis of location, load or traffic data for supply chain planning is still new.

According to the survey, 40% of companies monitor the transport of goods in real-time. Another 25% want to introduce such a solution soon. Just over a third (34%) use an application to record all routes in the digital logbook. Also, one-third of respondents use a route planning application.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming increasingly popular among German logistics specialists. More than three-quarters of respondents (77%) see the potential of their industry in the field of artificial intelligence, and 27% consider this potential to be very large. So far, however, only 7% of respondents use this technology. Another 24% plan to implement it in the next two years. 

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