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Berlin, the capital of Germany was to introduce restrictions for vehicles powered by diesel engines on more than a dozen road sections from 1 July. As reported by local media, the ban will come into force, however, with a delay.

The review and implementation of the air cleanliness plan are delayed by several weeks – the Senate Department of the Environment announced at the beginning of June. The enforcement of the ban can be expected only at the beginning of August, although originally it was to apply from 1 July. The relevant law was to be created by the end of May, but „despite the high level of work intensity”, legislators failed to prepare it. 

15 sections under the ban

The ban on older diesel vehicles is due to the new air cleanness plan. It will be valid on 15 sections of Berlin roads. Only vehicles that meet Euro 6 emission standards will be excluded from the ban.

It is already known which streets will be under the ban: sections of Leipziger Straße, Reinhardstraße, Friedrichstraße, Spandauer Damm and Hermannstraße. 

The ban should not apply to residents and their guests, craftsmen, care services (so-called Pflegedienst, that is organizations providing nursing, care and nursing services in the homes of dependents), people whose workplaces are on the road under ban or distribution transport.

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