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This year’s report “From C-Suite to Digital Suite” by Manpower Group shows that 26% more profits than the competition and 12% higher market valuation are achieved by companies implementing the digital transformation. In addition, as many as 89% of business leaders plan, test and implement digital solutions.

The great importance of digitization and new technologies can be seen especially on the American market. Last year, US companies installed a record number of robots. A total of 28,478 units were installed, which is 16% higher than in 2017. Cheaper and more flexible machines can be used in almost every segment of the economy – observed Reuters.

Digitization in Poland

In Poland, companies are increasingly bolder in using modern technologies. According to the Orange Insights study cited by the portal, nearly two-thirds of Polish companies employing between 100 and 250 employees rely on digitization as a tool that supports sales. Moreover, 75% of the analyzed companies treat digitization as one of the most important competencies in business development in their industry. On the other hand, recalls a study commissioned by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The data collected showed that two-thirds of small and medium-sized companies are not yet familiar with the Economy 4.0 concept relating to the digital revolution.

“Digital technology is just beginning to change our reality, because for now we only feel that we have new products, new services, which are adapted to the traditional economy. In fact, only after a while – thanks to the data we are starting to collect and analyse, and thanks to the development of algorithms – will we enter a completely new era of organization of the economy and enterprises, production, management of this production, as well as human resources, organization of the state and all institutions. This will be the real change that is just coming. It will lead to a change in the paradigm of production, product and the state,” says dr hab. Katarzyna Śledziewska, Managing Director of DeLab at the University of Warsaw, quoted by

The expert also points out that a lot depends on how Polish companies adapt to new market conditions and how they implement new technological solutions. What does this mean for consumers? Mainly the introduction of new products and services that fulfil completely different functions than at present – adds

Digitization also drives GDP. Thanks to advanced technologies, by 2025 Poland’s GDP may increase by as much as PLN 275 billion, according to the report “Poland as a digital challenger. Digitization as a new growth driver for the country and the region” prepared by McKinsey & Company. Such a result would allow us to be promoted to the most advanced digital economies in Europe.

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