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‘Discover the upside': new Maersk campaign turns heads on social media

The latest marketing campaign by shipping giant Maersk is only a few hours old, but it is already generating interest and discussion on LinkedIn in particular.

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The campaign, which leads with the phrase ‘discover the upside', was launched by the well-known shipping company earlier today on its social media channels.

On its LinkedIn post, Maersk sought to intrigue its followers by writing the following upside down:

“Integrated Logistics holds some of the most untapped potential for business growth in this decade. Made possible by digital platforms, connected physical access and unique insights.”

The post also included a rather eye-catching promotional film.

In the clip, a woman working in a logistics department is seen tirelessly staring at the excel document on her computer screen. After spotting a blue post-it-note on her monitor with the inscription ‘look at the upside', which is sucked through an air vent, the woman is suddenly transported sci-fi style into a bleak, nightmarish logistics landscape. However, after grabbing a ball with the smiley face seen on the inscription, she then sees a clear, clean and positive scene of logistics working smoothly.

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The link attached to the post takes you to a new, dedicated section of Maersk’s website, which promotes the company’s services, including digital platforms and ‘insight driven' advice.

The aim of the video, besides the obvious goal of promotion, is to illustrate the concept on of integrated logistics in simple terms.

According to another high profile logistics company, GEFCO, “integrated logistics can be defined as a comprehensive inter-department process. Each stage involves every stakeholder within the company – working together to make logistical operations run smoothly. As such, the competitive advantage is high as end customers are delivered in a timely fashion boasting irreproachable service quality.”

UK Logistics operator Smet defines the term as a “unique business management process that governs the flow of materials, information and goods from the point of origin to the point of arrival, in which all management activities are interconnected and interdependent.”

Naturally, Maersk is by no means the only company who can provide integrated logistics solutions. There is nonetheless no doubt that its latest campaign has attracted the attention of the logistics and supply chain community, not only because of the production quality of its video, but also the intrigue of the campaign as a whole.

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