Alcott Global Leaders in Tech and E-commerce Podcast, featuring Thras.Io founder John Hefter

As a founder of, John has been fortunate to witness their original team of 4 grow into a 1000 person, billion-dollar powerhouse. At work and in life, he is a polymath with unrelenting energy and curiosity. He enjoys regularly deploying his expertise in branding, creative, neuroscience marketing, business development, acquisitions, leadership, culture building, and product development across diverse sets of business domains. If there is a challenge met, John will face it openly with creativity, humor, and persistence.

You can read this article in 1 minute is at the vanguard of Amazon 3rd party brand acquisition & acceleration. As a founding team member and Senior Vice President, John curates grand design and product development for their entire brand portfolio. He is heavily involved in their overarching company strategy across a large variety of complex domains. He loves problem-solving, building happy and productive teams, disruptive creativity, business development, corporate strategy, and helping his teammates achieve success.

In the latest episode of the Alcott Global Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce Podcast, host Rushit Shah and John discuss the following:

  •’s origin story
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected’s evaluation process
  • Using human touch and technology together to analyze businesses
  • How plans to reach the audience
  • Soft skills and hard skills and building teams