Earnings of drivers in Germany. Will pay rises be enough to encourage young people to work in transport?

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Earnings of drivers in Germany. Will pay rises be enough to encourage young people to work in transport?

Work in the transport industry is not easy. There is a shortage of truck drivers throughout Europe, including Germany, where the average salary of a trucker is one of the highest in the EU. What, apart from a decent salary, will keep current employees in the industry and attract new ones?

Germany lacks around 45,000 drivers, but this figure could increase dramatically over the next few years if nothing changes in the industry. On the other hand, “the possibility of large increases in drivers’ salaries is limited,” states the German transport portal dvz.de.

Drivers earn most in Munich ((2625 euro gross) and least in Saxony. The map above shows a clear difference between the salaries of drivers from the East and those from the West of the country. This can be explained by the fact that the vast majority of exporters are based at the western border of Germany.

What can carriers do?

However, recent collective agreements show that the industry can do much more for drivers than offering them pay rises. “Other factors, such as the atmosphere in the company, are of great importance to them,” reports dvz.de.

According to the portal, drivers prefer working for less money in a company with a good atmosphere to working for more money in a company where it is difficult to find peace and good relations.

Dvz.de advises what conditions must be met in order for the trucker profession to become attractive again:

  1. Drivers deserve respect and fair service at loading and unloading points, as well as a balance between work and private life.
  2. The education profile needs to be changed so that young people are more willing to work behind the wheel of a truck.
  3. It is necessary to change the image of the driver. It needs to be redefined, taking into account the changes in the profession related to increasing digitization.
  4. The German road and parking infrastructure also needs to be improved. New parking lots that are attractive to drivers should be created. Roadworks must be better managed.
  5. Digitization in logistics will bring many benefits, e.g. reduced waiting time for unloading or loading and improved cooperation between actors in the logistics chain, which in turn will improve drivers’ working conditions.

Do you think that the implementation of the above 5-point plan would increase the attractiveness of the driver’s profession? Or maybe you have other ideas for the improvement of working conditions in transport?

Image: Trans.INFO

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