Photo credits @ Coop

First electric HGV for Coop in Denmark partly fuelled by solar energy

Coop's first electric truck for heavy goods transport rolled out of the warehouse in Brøndby, Denmark with goods to take to the Copenhagen stores on Monday. Interestingly, energy fuelling the vehicle comes not only from the national grid, but also from solar cells mounted on the roof of a warehouse.

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The Scania lorry can transport 18 pallets and can run up to 140 kilometres on a single charge. It takes about an hour to charge it.

With 140 kilometres in the battery, the truck can cover the Copenhagen area. The company hopes that the electric truck will be a gift for the residents who live in the apartments above the shops.

“Trucks that run on electricity do not make noise. So the morning deliveries, where you have to have the engine running to be able to operate the lift, can be carried out without making so much noise and without emitting diesel particles, ” says the director of transport and purchasing at Coop Logistik, Jakob Birk.

The new electric truck is part of Coop’s climate strategy, where the goal is to become climate positive by 2030.