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Velolasers are modern police radars, that have recently been installed on the Spanish roads. They have great parameters and are small. Check where the super-radars are located.

Spanish super-radars operate wirelessly, they control two lanes simultaneously, even if they run in opposite directions and catch cars moving at speeds up to 250 km/h. They also assess whether the distance between vehicles is sufficient.

In addition, they are very small, which makes it difficult for drivers to see them.

Based on the Social Drive network users’ reports, the portal has created a list of 22 velolaser locations.

Here is a list of locations where the Spanish police will issue a ticket for speeding:

Province Location
A Coruña A-6, Lugo/Arteixo at the exit to Teixeiro, 545th km
Tercera Ronda exit to shopping mall
Alicante Novelda (50km/h zone)*
Barcelona Sant Boi de Llobregat
C-58. Terrassa, exit from the gas station direction Manresa (17th km)
Cantabria Exit/entry onto express road Carrefour Torrelavega
Ciudad Real Puertollano
Las Palmas GC-1 (Vecindario)
La Rioja N-232, Recajo
Madrid A-5, 7th km
M-502, Ciudad de la Imagen (around Telemadrid)
Málaga MA-20, Repsol opposite of Makro
Murcia La Manga del Mar Menor
Polígono de Lorca in Pérez Casas direction to port Lumbreras
Eurovosa, 5th km
Navarra NA-122, 9th km, around Dicastillo (between Moretín and Allo)
Pontevedra Poio, at the entry to Montecelo hospital (30 km/h zone)
Avenida de Lugo
Avenida Buenos Aires (30 km/h zone)
Paseo del río Lerez
Teruel A-23, direction Teruel, 72nd km (in a grey car Citroën model)
Zaragoza A-126 ,44th km between Remolinos and Tauste


Photo: Facebook/DGT


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