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During the two-day inspection of the Customs Office in two German lands, officers found numerous offences – we can read on a transport website While Germans want to protect its market against Eastern enterprises, they don’t notice what is happening in their own country.

German Customs Office of Thuringia and Saxony decided to carry out inspections in transport companies in terms of legality of employment and paying employees statutory salaries. 50 cases of violation of rules governing the minimum wage in Germany – these are the results of just 2 days of customs officers carrying out inspections in these two lands. 18 of 50 violations have been found in Thuringia and 32 in the south-western Saxony.

In 12 cases social security contributions were not paid for the employees or wrong amounts were paid.

9 foreign workers were employed illegally by transport companies from Thuringia. Two of them were claiming unemployment benefits.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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