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The joint action of German trade unions and offices is aimed at combating unfair competition in the transport market. „Instead of just cursing, act” appeals the head of BGL, Dirk Engelhardt, to entrepreneurs. He calls for reporting irregularities in other companies.

Task-Force is an initiative of the „Forwarding-Transport-Logistics” (FTL) group created by the German transport associations BGL, AMÖ and DSLV together with the Customs Office and the Federal Office of Freight Transport (BAG). It was established less than a year ago. The goal of joint activities of industry organizations and officials is the fight against employing workers without a contract, illegal cabotage and violation of MiLoG (German Minimum Wage Act). Task-Force is expected to speed up checking of suspicious cases and initiating investigations.

BGL’s appeal

The logistics and transport association BGL insists that representatives of the transport industry report any irregularities. The union calls first and foremost its members to report suspicious activities and dishonest practices of other companies. Carriers should according to BGL report to relevant offices or transport associations about possible offenses committed by industry colleagues. As Dirk Engelhardt (pictured) assures, officials will check this information immediately.

Finally, we have a headquarters, which in various areas of control can act quickly and on a large scale,” says Engelhardt, the Task Force initiator. „Thanks to Task Force, entrepreneurs know that their suspicions will be checked,” emphasizes the head of BGL.

Earlier, according to Engelhardt, they did not intervene because they were convinced that the relevant offices would not respond to such reports.

GVN confirms: Task Force checks all information

Christian Richter, head of the Lower Saxony transport union (GVN) confirms that every clue and suspicion based on the observation of association members is checked.

We do not receive information about what happens after reporting, due to the protection of personal data,” says Richter. „Recently, however, one of the drivers observed officials carrying out control in the company, which was reported to the office by one of our union members,” he adds. „This has a very positive impact on the approach of other companies associated in the GVN”

Such information encourages other enterprises to inform about irregularities in other companies – the „black sheep” of the industry.

The next Task Force meeting

Task Force activities are coordinated by the General Directorate of Customs in Bonn. The next meeting of the intervention group, which will also be attended by representatives of the industry from BGL, DSLV and AMÖ and from the Ver.di trade union, will take place on November 26. There will also be BAG and police officers to summarize the last months of Task Force work and plan further activities.

Photo: Pixabay/hpgruesen/public domain


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