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It is typical for the winter period that the number of flu cases is growing quite fast. As long as we stay at home we can fight the disease under medical supervision, but on the road it is rarely possible. What should you do if the disease appears suddenly? How to help yourself on the road?

Influenza is a viral disease that appears and attacks the body with great intensity. The main symptoms are high fever, headache, sore throat, cough, runny nose. Usually it lasts only a few days, but it can make life really difficult. How to protect yourself against it?

Here are a few tips that may be useful in treating influenza:

Drink a lot of liquids – above all take care of hydration. This way you will clear the toxins. Mineral water, various teas and soups will be helpful.

Eat hot meals as often as possible. They will warm you from the inside and help fight the disease. Also, it is recommended to follow easily digestible diet based on kissels, porridge on water or milk.

Take a painkiller, preferably before going to bed. In this way you will help your body fight the fever effectively.

Eat vitamins (in particular vitamin A and C) – they will help you boost immunity and prevent spreading the virus.

Avoid overheating and exposing yourself to cold – remember to ventilate the cabin of the car frequently during the disease. This way you will get rid of viruses and in addition let fresh air inside the cabin. Ideally, the temperature in the cabin should be below 20 degrees. C. However, remember not to exaggerate – rapid temperature changes can affect your body temperature and worsen the situation.

Reduce the fever – painkillers will be helpful. You can also apply compresses – if possible, remember to put a cold compress on the groins, stomach and head.

Sleep, sleep and once again sleep – try to rest at every break at work. Sleep has an important role in the treatment process. It will help you rest and regain strength.

Water with salt – a mouthwash of salted water is a simple treatment for tiring cough. Dissolve a spoon of table salt in a glass of warm water. Applying this method three times a day will alleviate the pain.

Take lozenges if possible, that will alleviate your sore throat. There are many medicaments on the market that you can buy at the pharmacy without a prescription. The pharmacist will help you choose the appropriate lozenges.

Garlic, honey and lemon – home remedies that have been helping fighting flu and cold for hundreds of years. If you have the possibility to buy them – do not hesitate. These products have strong antibacterial effect and alleviate runny nose and cough. Most importantly, you can apply them in various forms, for example. by making tea with honey and lemon or by adding a crushed clove of garlic to your meal.

If home remedies did not help, go to the pharmacy if possible. Most of the medicaments that can help you fight the flu are available without a prescription. Remember! If the symptoms persist for a few more days, you have to see the doctor!


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