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The Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Act became law. Hauliers will need a permit granted by the Secretary of State to carry out international road transports. In addition, trailer registration will be mandatory.

The United Kingdom Government is preparing the road transport sector for a smooth Brexit. The new law will require hauliers to apply for a special permit to carry out cross-border transport operations to and from EU and non-EU countries, reports Another important change introduced by the new law is the trailer registration, which will establish a scheme for allowing UK trailer users to meet the registration standards outlined in the 1968 Vienna Convention.

Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DSVA) is now preparing an administrative framework to open registrations. First applications are expected to be processed at the end of this year.

The Act is in line with the White Paper, which clearly shows that the UK wants to keep things as they were.

As we exit the EU, there will be a clear interest for all sides to seek arrangements that continue to support affordable and accessible air transport for all European citizens, as well as maintaining and developing connectivity.” – reads the White Paper. „Similar issues are raised with respect to Road Haulage, where it is the EU’s regulatory framework that guarantees rights for HGV operators to carry goods to, from, through and within other EU countries. Around 99 per cent of total international road freight for the UK is to and from the other EU27 nations. Approximately 80 per cent of this cross-border haulage is handled by foreign hauliers.”

Chris Grayling, the British Transport Secretary underlined, that the new Act „is a significant step in preparations for exiting the European Union.”

The haulage industry is at the heart of our trading relationship with the EU and we are confident that we will reach an agreement to maintain the current liberal access that is beneficial to both sides. But these powers give us the flexibility to have systems in place if a permit system is required and provides reassurance for hauliers to continue planning for a smooth EU exit.” – said Grayiling.

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