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HGV drivers attend yoga classes to relieve stress and stay healthy

HGV drivers of the Tramac Buxton Lime company have attended a yoga class as part of the company’s safety day so as to relieve stress and stay healthy. Thanks to the positive feedback, the one-off class may be extended and become a regular opportunity at the company.

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Breathing exercises to cope with aggressive road users and simple stretches than can be done while sitting behind the wheel were the core of the yoga class, which was run by fellow employee and qualified yoga teacher Heidi Sherwood, reports the Buxton Advertiser.

Heidi has been practising yoga for more than 20 years and she first started giving lessons to her colleagues during the pandemic via Zoom.

The news of her yoga lessons quickly spread, and soon she was giving live training sessions to the company’s employees.

Recently, she has held a special class for the company HGV drivers during their safety day.

The classes were tailored to drivers’ needs, with simple moves they can do while seated in non-moving traffic or leaning up against the side of the cab during stops, as well as breathing exercises to help them cope with aggressive road users.

According to the article, Heidi tried to keep the class basic, focusing on loosening up the shoulders and making the spine more flexible.

“Simply by stretching they can begin to feel better. It releases endorphins and calms the central nervous system. ,” she said to Buxton Advertiser.

Thanks to the positive feedback, a longer wellbeing programme is going to be launched at the company.