Image credits @ Volvo Trucks

Volvo turns to humour in its latest HGV commercial campaign

Volvo Trucks' HGV commercials have never been that boring, but their latest one is certainly an odd but humorous ad that will brighten up your day.

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How can one make a commercial for an HGV? Some creatives think that the best way is to present all the important figures like fuel consumption, horsepower, or perhaps range in the case of electric vehicles. Because buying a lorry should not be based on your emotions, should it?

But Volvo Trucks definitely does not follow this path this time out. There are no figures or technical specifications in their commercial, just one emotional idea that aims to grab viewers’ attention until the very end.

Volvo Trucks creatives usually choose one single message they think is important, such as fuel economy in this case. They then look for a visual display that will resonate with its target audience.

They’ve arguably done so again with this latest effort.

Some of you may recall the commercial from two years ago when Volvo Trucks built a tower out of 4 (then) new lorries and the CEO of the company stood on top of while the whole thing glided dramatically through a rainy nightscape.

But this almost ten-year-old video is also memorable. It featured Jean-Claude van Damme standing between two side-by-side trucks, on the rear-view mirror of the trucks, in order to advertise Volvo’s claim of precise steering.