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The Italian truck driver was caught red-handed. He used the image of the Holy Mary to hide the manipulation of the tachograph. Unfortunately, the Holy Lady did not save him from punishment.

On the previous Friday, officers of the Italian police from the Viareggio region stopped a truck carrying coal for control. As it turned out while checking the vehicle, a 52-year-old driver used a picture of the Mother of God on the dashboard to hide the system used to manipulate the tachograph.  The Italian thought that the image of Mary would not arouse suspicion of the police. The inquisitive officers discovered a button beneath it that served to operate the system, which interfered with the operation of the recording device and allowed to manipulate the records.

The man, as reported by the Italian media, received a fine of 2 thousand euros and 10 penalty points. The police also confiscated his driving license and the device used to manipulate the tachograph.




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