Photo: Girteka Logistics press materials

Girteka staff toast office opening at “housewarming” with wine, DJ and giveaways

Most of Girteka Logistics' admin department has moved to the company's new ‘Girteka Park' office in Vilnius, which was officially opened recently at a “housewarming" event with drinks, a DJ, and giveaways for employees.

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The new facility, which spans 14,000 square metres and six-storeys, is described by the Lithuanian logistics giant as “truly exceptional”.

According to Girteka, the office sports comfortable workspaces, plus zones for those needing rest, some quiet, or somewhere to be creative. The building even has an on-site gym that’s due to open soon. On top of that, there’s a library, five outside terraces that can be used as workspaces, and a restaurant.

The company adds that the office is also an “excellent venue” for various events, conferences, meetings, or any future initiatives.

“As soon as you set foot in the building, you’re surrounded by the Scandinavian style. Plant spaces are the key interior elements, reminding its visitors of a walk in a lush and vibrant city park. In fact, it was precisely the unique, nature-oasis-like interior that inspired the Girteka Park name,” Girteka writes in its press release.

When it comes to sustainability, Girteka states that its Bream-standard new office is a modern energy class A+ building. The office’s solar batteries generate about 10% of its annual electricity demand.

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As regards accessibility, there are more than 540 parking spaces in the building’s underground and surface car parks. There are electric vehicle charging points too, while those commuting by bike or e-scooter can use storage rooms and freshen up using the building’s showers and changing rooms. The facility is also accessible for disabled people.

“When selecting the new office space, we focused mainly on making sure that colleagues feel comfortable – finding a convenient location and designing a functional building. Besides, we aimed to leave areas for collaboration and partnership, a concept that aligns with our company’s culture,” said Mindaugas Aleška, Chief of Staff at Girteka.

Aleška added:

“We kept a close eye on trends, analysed and researched the world’s best workspaces. We wanted to keep up with the modern standards and create the best possible working conditions for our employees that we can provide today. Our aim was not only to provide a comfortable workspace to each employee but also to create a stimulating professional environment.”

The hallways and corridors of the office are adorned with artwork from competition winning artists, which Aleška believes will foster employee well-being:

“It has been scientifically proven that artistic spaces have a positive impact on employees’ emotional state, creates unique ambiance, helps to calm down, relax, and inspires to create. It can be difficult to generate ideas working amongst cold white walls or in offices, equipped with no heart and consideration for employees’ professional and emotional well-being.”

The office was officially opened at a “housewarming” event on May 27th that followed the announcement regarding’s Girteka new brand image. The two events were described “as a blast” by Simonas Bartkus, Marketing and Communication Director at Girteka Logistics.

A video uploaded by Girteka Logistics that covered the event shows Mr Bartkus wasn’t alone in having fun while marking the opening of the new office. The clip shows staff receiving free merchandise and other gifts during a spin-the-wheel game, employees mixing over a glass of wine, and a live DJ providing the soundtrack to the evening.