How to make a traffic jam in 10 seconds. One decision and tens of vehicles are stuck.

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All it takes is for the number of trucks on the road to increase by 10 percentage points, and after a minute the vehicles will be blocked in a traffic jam. Add to this, a slightly decreased courtesy of drivers and the negative effect will be visible even sooner. This online simulator shows that a traffic jam is not difficult to create.

Friendliness on the road,  a number of heavy vehicles, lane changing behaviour, speed – all these have a significant impact on the smoothness of traffic. If you have any doubts about this, please check the simulator available online. Using the sliders you can set various parameters there and observe what these changes will lead to.


It is easy to use and clearly shows how often a decision taken by a small group of drivers (e.g. forgetting to respect the zipper method or to maintain a minimum speed) can cause chaos on the road. Be careful, the game is addictive!

Photo:Pixabay / public domain / MonikaP