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ID Logistics’ SmartVision delivers 80% error reduction in warehouse order picking

French contract logistics specialist ID Logistics has launched its SmartVision solution, harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the precision and reliability of order picking. This system utilizes stereovision cameras to interpret real-time data, closely monitoring the preparation of parcels by operators.

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Designed specifically to meet the demands of ID Logistics’ activities, the SmartVision solution reduces error rates by 80% as cameras continuously record actions on the trolley, providing detailed oversight of the preparation process. Accurate volume measurements of parcels deposited by order pickers ensure compliance with real-time control operations, the company says.

AI embedded in the solution interprets data captured by the cameras in real time, ensuring immediate validation of the number of parcels deposited. This boosts the reliability of the picking process, and the recorded images serve as verification in case of complaints, enabling better identification of dissatisfaction causes and continual improvement of the order preparation process and customer experience.

Beyond operational optimisation, SmartVision offers a complete digitalisation of the team leader role. Managers can monitor the real-time progress of each order preparation and provide effective support to teams. Key indicators such as quality rate, remaining volume to be prepared, and palletizing conformity are utilized for predicting targeted corrective measures.

The SmartVision solution has already been implemented at a food distribution site in the north of Paris, showcasing its effectiveness.

ID Logistics plans to extend its deployment to retail sites in France and internationally in the coming months. The solution sets a new standard in reliability, offering a unique level of service in the market.

At ID Logistics, innovation is everyone’s business, and we are happy to see the concrete effects every day in the field. The quality of preparation is one of our major challenges for all our customers and in all countries. With the deployment of SmartVision, we are able to demonstrate that we can still break new frontiers in this area, said Eric Hémar, Chairman of ID Logistics Group.