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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration says a “potentially major” incident has been avoided after truck inspectors found a lorry hauling explosives had severe issues with its brakes.

The incident occured during an inspection at Ørje on Tuesday; it is said the truck was fully loaded with 16 tons of explosives at the time.

Defects with the brake pads and brake discs on one of the trailer’s wheels were spotted, while the truck had a cracked brake disc.

In the case of the defective brake disc on the trailer,  Øyvind Grotterød of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration says the rim was almost completely worn off. Grotterød also admitted he was “frightened by the thought of what could have happened”. He stresses that had the rim split on the way down into the Oslofjord tunnel, it “could have got really bad”.

The truck and the trailer were both deemed unroadworthy and will not be allowed back onto the road until the defects have been remedied. The load had to be safely emptied and transferred to another trailer.

Norwegian State Highways Authority


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