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Faster, simpler, safer and without unnecessary bureaucracy –  Iranian drivers are the first in the world to use e-TIR system. The pilot program, which has proved successful, is to be implemented also in other countries.

After the implementation of the electronic consignment note (e-CMR), Iran also successfully piloted intermodal transports on the border with Turkey using the digitized TIR carnet. Thanks to this, all customs procedures in this country are now fully digitized.

The next step is to introduce the possibility of using e-TIR on the border with Azejberdzan. Iranian and Azerbaijani customs have recently come to an agreement on this matter. Mutual consent was given to the introduction of a digital version of TIR on routes between these countries. In addition, further plans are to extend the digital passes to the entire International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC), which connects India, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia and Central Asia.

As announced by the International Road Transport Union (IRU), the transition to fully digital service of TIR carnets is to provide both the authorities and transport companies with real-time access to data and the ability to monitor them online. As a result, data can be sent directly to the target border crossing points before the truck reaches the checkpoints. This will improve the traffic flow of the check-in process.

More technology, less unnecessary bureaucracy

Digital TIR carnets are part of a larger eTIR project. Its main purpose is to create a fully digital and harmonized system, so that identical information is available in all customs offices through appropriate IT programs. To achieve this goal, tools such as:

TIR Customs Portal – a portal used by customs administrations to manage procedures. It is also a place to exchange information in real time with other national agencies and with international partners (customs authorities and organizations such as UNECE or IRU),

TIR-EPD – application available for TIR carnet holders, enabling free sending of electronic declarations to customs authorities in various countries,

RealSafeTimeTIR – a program enabling customs officials to verify the status and validity of any TIR guarantee in real time,

AskTIRWeb – a program for managing issues related to the TIR procedure, such as issuing guarantees, handling claims and managing vehicles and permits.

Photo: Pixabay/manolofranco


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