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A manager from a transport company from Calais spoke on the situation related to refugees. The Frenchman is dissatisfied because of inaction on the part of President Emanuel Macron and the British. In January this year, both countries signed a treaty to increase security in the port city, which became the destination for refugees. Despite this, the situation has not improved.

David Sagnard, manager of Transports Carpentier, whose headquarters are in Calais, claims in the French portal Actu Transport Logistique that Emmanuel Macron did not take into account the importance of the message that the French transport industry has communicated to him. According to the French manager, despite assurances from both countries nothing has changed in Calais.

Agreement on improving border controls

According to the agreement signed in January this year, customs services in the UK were to shorten their asylum procedures. Prime Minister Theresa May pledged £ 44.5 million to improve border controls in Calais. These funds were to be used to build border infrastructure (including fences, monitoring, and infrared devices). Part of the funds was to be used also for the transport of illegal immigrants and refugees to other cities in France.

The British cannot continue to say „we no longer want migrants” and continue to greet them with open arms. As long as they continue to offer them work and housing, migrants caught in the illusion of Eldorado will continue to pull on to Calais. They no longer have the resources to pay smugglers, so they break into trucks and get in vehicles, even those who are not going to Britain” – complains David Sagnard.

Expensive anti-theft security

The Transport Carpentier company has already allocated 25 thousand euro on anti-theft devices. In turn, the Total petrol station near its headquarters installed a fence that has already been cut by migrants.

Sangard claims that although the number of migrants has decreased from 10,000 up to 1 thousand, the pressure is still mounting in Calais. The French state continues to support charitable organizations that give food to migrants. At the same time, the issue of highway lighting and construction of the beltway has long been on the desk of French officials.

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