Kinaxia Logistics takes stride towards net zero fleet with £2m investment in CNG-powered tractor units

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Kinaxia Logistics has recently received its initial batch of compressed natural gas (CNG) tractor units, marking a significant move in its journey toward achieving a net-zero fleet for its national linehaul service.

According to a recent report by, the company’s investment of over £2 million is directed towards IVECO S-Way tractor units for its Primary division, signaling a shift away from diesel-powered vehicles in its fleet.

The Primary division of Kinaxia Logistics caters to a diverse client base, including major retailers, parcel carriers, and delivery networks. This segment encompasses Mark Thompson Transport’s linehaul business, headquartered in Appleton, Warrington.

Richard Smith, Managing Director of the division, revealed that the new CNG vehicles constitute 10% of the Primary fleet, with additional units expected for delivery in the upcoming year. Smith emphasized the environmental benefits of these trucks, stating that they generate 90% fewer emissions than their diesel counterparts, resulting in a reduction of at least 100 tonnes of CO2 per truck annually, states the aforementioned source. 

He further explained, „The addition of these vehicles is a significant step as we look to create a carbon net-zero linehaul and trunking fleet for our customers. We trialed the trucks earlier in the year, and the feedback was extremely positive.”

IVECO has recently unveiled its revamped product range, announcing that it is expanding its product offering ”to encompass multiple energy sources, providing sustainable and profitable solutions tailored to diverse business needs” and accelerating the development of its electric vehicle lineup, investing a record-breaking 1-billion-euros in the complete renewal of its product range.