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The BelToll system operator informs the public that all vehicles up to 3.5 t will be exempt from road tolls from 10 June to 10 July because of the second European Games, which will be in Minsk.

During this time, drivers can travel on the Belarusian roads without the need of registering in the BelToll system or assembling devices for electronic toll collection. Drivers who already have such devices must place them in a metallised bag (foil packaging made of barrier film) because the devices will emit audible signals while passing through the toll stations.

Regardless of the situation, the accounts registered in the user system will not be charged with any fees.

Collection of fees after the Games

The obligation to pay fees will return to normal mode after midnight, 10 July, ie on 11 July. The following vehicles are subjects to fees:

– vehicles with a DMC above 3.5 tonnes;

– vehicles with a DMC below 3.5 tonnes, registered outside the Eurasian Customs Union (except Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia).

Fees for crossing the Belarusian roads

– two-axle vehicles with a DMC above 3.5 tonnes – EUR 0.090 / km

– three-axle vehicles with a DMC above 3.5 tonnes – 0.115 euro / km

– heavy goods vehicles with a DMC above 3.5 tonnes – 0.145 / km

Toll road signs in Belarus

We remind you that the following signs are used to mark toll roads under the BelToll system in Belarus:

Beginning of a toll road

End of a toll road


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