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Denmark, like other EU Member States, is obliged to introduce a solution to check the weight of trucks. An implementing regulation issued by the European Commission requires this.

Brussels requires the Member States to control the weight of trucks more effectively. Countries can choose between two solutions:

– automatic systems set up within the road infrastructure, or

– mandatory on-board weighing equipment installed in vehicles.

The Danish government has already decided that the trucks will not have to be fitted with special on-board equipment. They will be weighted while driving, reports the Danish transport portal lastbilmagasinet.

Such checks are to start before the end of May 2021.

Denmark, after a detailed analysis, has abandoned the introduction of mandatory On-Board Weighing Systems (OBW), which would require individual operators to install these systems in each new vehicle. 

Instead, Denmark will use Weigh In Motion systems (WIM) in the road infrastructure to capture overloaded trucks as they drive. This technology will allow for the capture and punishment of overloaded vehicles from all countries. OBW systems would not provide this possibility. The Danish government is currently considering increasing the number of WIM systems on national roads. 

Photo: ITD


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