This morning, another block check began at the German-Austrian border crossing in Kufstein. The Bavarian media report severe difficulties. Check how to avoid traffic jams.

At 5 am, the second block check of the week started in Tyrol. As reported by the Bavarian media and the police, before 9 am, the congestion on the German A93 leading to the border was 15 km long, and the traffic jam on the A8 was 5 km long. Before commencing block checks, the police recommended avoiding the above-mentioned routes.

The following detours are recommended:

– southbound, from A9 to A3 or from A99 to A94-B12-B20 to Salzburg.

– Northbound from A8 via B304 to A99.

Next block checks will take place on 2nd, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th May.

Calendar of block checks can be found in our article on this topic.

Photo: Youtube


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