Waberer’s reveals how much it pays its drivers

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After a “historical" change in its salary system introduced at the start of August, Hungarian transportation and logistics service provider Waberer's has revealed how much its international lorry drivers earn.

Waberer’s reveals how much it pays its drivers
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In a Facebook video published by Waberer’s last week, a Waberer’s HR employee is seen explaining the company’s latest “historical” salary system for international drivers.

In the aforementioned video, it was said that drivers at Waberer’s can earn between €1,900 and €2,500 depending on the countries they travel to, additional kilometres driven, and their skills.

According to the announcement, before August, Waberer’s had been paying a lower daily rate on Sundays and bank holidays for drivers transporting goods abroad. Since the 1st of August, however, the company has been paying the same daily rate for every day – even if it is a bank holiday.

This daily rate is net 30,000 Hungarian forints (approx €75) for international drivers who don’t travel to the UK and don’t do ADR transports.

Drivers are entitled to receive extra money if they save fuel (500 HUF per litre, which is approx €1.25 per litre) and a so-called kilometre-bonus, which is 20 HUF (€0.05) per extra kilometre over the threshold.

UK transports pay better; the daily rate for those are 33,000 Hungarian forints (more or less €85) and drivers receive extra 15,000 forints (€37) for each time they cross the channel.

Calculating all of this may appear somewhat confusing. However, in order to break it down, the HR employee in the video provided some examples.

For instance, if a driver spends 23 days driving abroad, and makes 3 UK turns and he/she exceeds his kilometre threshold by 2,000 km, he or she will receive net 775.000 Hungarian forints (€1,936).

Those who conduct UK transportations exclusively can make slightly more than 1 million forints a month (more than €2,500).

It is worth mentioning here that the average wage in Hungary in 2022, according to official government figures, is 374,800 forints (€936).

Bonuses and benefits

Like a number of European road transport companies, Waberer’s has admitted to struggling with the driver shortage. Not long ago, the company revealed it had recruited 79 drivers from India.

The Hungarian logistics firm has also started to be more transparent, not just about the wages it pays drivers, but also regarding some benefits and bonuses it has implemented to motivate existing employees and attract more jobseekers.

The company recently gave out its “Trucker of the Year” prize to three drivers in every business unit of the group.

The prize is awarded to drivers who achieve the following:

  • drove the most kilometres without an accident or any major traffic violations in 2021
  • worked hard
  • took care of their vehicle(s)
  • delivered goods undamaged
  • demonstrated exemplary behaviour and communication with colleagues

The award comes in the shape of a net 150,000 Hungarian forints bonus (approximately €375).

In addition, the company announced that it would be offering a day off on September 1st to all employees whose children were attending their 1st day of school.

Writing on LinkedIn, the logistics company said:

“The 1st of September is the first day of the school year in Hungary. As a family-friendly company, we’re keen to make it easier for our employees who have children to get ready for the school year, so this year we’ve again given back-to-school support to our colleagues. We know how important the first day of school is for both children and parents, so for our colleagues whose children are starting first grade, today is an extra day off.”

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