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Data from the European Automobiles Manufacturers Association  (EAMA) shows a marked increased in demand for commercial vehicles in September 2019 compared to the same month in 2020.

The EAMA report that registrations across the EU increased by 13.3% to 163,512 units last month. This growth was largely driven by the van segment, which accounted for over 84% of all CV registrations. The region’s four largest markets all recorded positive results, with Italy (+17.8%), Germany (+17.6%) and France (+15.1%) posting double‐digit gains in September. In Spain registrations grew by 6.6%.

In the UK, commercial vehicle registrations in September 2020 reached 56,926 – up from the 47,430 registered in September 2019.

Looking at the bigger picture, the EU market for new commercial vehicles from January-September 2020 contracted by 24.5%, totalling 1,206,259 units.

Despite September’s gains, the EAMA say the economic fallout of the COVID‐19 pandemic continues to weigh on overall demand so far this year. Indeed, from January to September 2020 each of the 27 EU markets posted double‐digit declines, including the four major ones: Spain (‐33.0%), Italy (‐21.7%), France (‐21.6%) and Germany (‐21.4%).

The EAMA’s report can be read in full here.


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