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The new 4-axle heavy-duty semitrailer MAN TGX tractor was used for the first time in a heavy-duty convoy made up of three units at the end of January. It carried out a successful five-hour-long journey with a cargo over 7.3 metres tall and 5.3 metres wide. The push-pull combination came to a total length of 51.4 metres, and a gross weight of 374 tonnes.

The convoy’s job was to transport a tube-welding line from Lebach in Saarland, Germany to the Saarlouis port to be loaded onto a ship. W. Mayer GmbH & Co. KG from Zweibrücken was commissioned to carry out the job; it deployed five MAN heavy-duty semitrailer tractors for this purpose. Alongside the company’s own TGX 41.680 with V8, the demonstration vehicle with its 640-hp D38 engine had the chance to prove itself as the lead vehicle in the push-pull combination. 

Together with a “pushing” rear vehicle from the previous generation, which was also equipped with a 640-hp engine, a 20-axle swing axle low loader trailer with a 233-tonne component was also used.

 At over 7.3 metres tall and 5.3 metres wide, the push-pull combination came to a total length of 51.4 metres, and a gross weight of 374 tonnes.

After a journey of nearly five hours, the vehicle delivered its cargo safely to the Saarlouis south quay.

Photo credit @ MAN Trucks and Buses


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