New regulations for winter truck tyres now apply in Germany

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The new regulation on winter tyres for trucks and buses entered into force this summer. Check what to keep in mind when buying your tyres for the coming winter season.

On 1 July this year, new regulations entered into force in Germany, under which heavy goods vehicles will have to wear winter tyres not only on the wheels of the drive axles but also on the steering axles. Fleet operators planning to purchase new tyres for the coming winter season should take the new regulations into account. 

The new requirement applies to trucks in categories N2 and N3 (GVW above 3.5 t). A tyre with a mountain and snowflake symbol is considered to be a winter tyre according to the regulation. 

In Germany, unlike in Austria, where winter tyres are mandatory from 1 November to 15 April, winter tyres are required when the weather conditions dictate their use.

Please note the penalties in Germany for non-compliance with winter tyre legislation:

– €60 for unsuitable tyres,

– €80 for traffic jamming/disturbance due to unsuitable tyres, 

– €100 for causing a dangerous situation due to unsuitable tyres, 

– €120 plus 1 penalty point for causing an accident due to unsuitable tyres.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons