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Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), which manages and implements roadside checks of drivers who carry out freight transport in Germany, has over 100 vacant posts. Apparently, there are no people willing to work as inspectors.

We often wrote about the lack of drivers in Germany and other European Union countries. It turns out, however, that BAG is also struggling to find personnel willing to carry out roadside checks of HGVs.

Shortages are the biggest in Road Control Services (SKD), where 18 out of 249 jobs are vacant (231 employees are employed) and in the Mids Control Service (MKD), where 124 posts are ready to be filled (458 are employed). The number of vacancies in the MKD will increase with the extension of tolls on July 1 this year. BAG will then recruit for another 92 positions. After introducing a toll collection from passenger cars, the office plans to employ an additional 315 employees. Whether they will succeed is a dubious matter.

Safety is not on the top of the list

However, there is a disproportion between the number of SKD and MKD officers. Only 231 officers of the Road Control Service (SKS), a branch of the Federal Office of Freight Transport (BAG) inspect heavy goods vehicles and their drivers, and almost twice as many (458) BAG officers check whether the same drivers have paid tolls.



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