The Westkerke parking lot, which lies on the E40 route leading to the port of Calais, will be closed for two weeks. During this time, an additional 77 parking spaces will be created. The project is also aimed at counteracting the problem of transmigration.

Works on the extension of the parking lot will start on 20 August 2018 and will last two weeks – reports the Belgian industry portal Transport Media. Ben Weyts, the Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works, allocated 870 thousand euros so that a total of 140 trucks could park in Westkerke.

– This plan includes places for long-term parking (long stops, overnight stays) and short-term parking (refueling, stretching your legs) – said Minister Weyts.

The Westkerke car park is located 90 kilometers east of Calais. Four years ago, it was closed because immigrants and smugglers were a threat to the drivers who stopped there. In July 2017, Westkerke was put into service again. This time, security was taken care of. The parking lot is fenced, monitored and patrolled.

The extension of the car park is aimed at providing additional parking spaces, but also allowing drivers heading for Calais to safely rest on a route that is famous for lurking immigrants who break into trailers.

Photo: Trans.INFO



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