project44 launches new Port Intel service with data on bottlenecks at key shipping ports

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project44 launches new Port Intel service with data on bottlenecks at key shipping ports

Less than a fortnight after making waves with its acquisition of Ocean Insights, supply chain visibility giant project44 has launched a free port visibility reporting service, Port Intel™.

Free for a limited time, Port Intel shall operate as an online service offering free reports that sum up congestion at ports, notify subscribers when their containers are anchored near congested ports, and provide information to help make critical inventory and management decisions.

The Port Intel service is powered by tracking and analysis experts Ocean Insights, who were acquired by project44 earlier last month. Ocean Insights offers track and trace functionality across more than 55 shipping lines, 700 seaports, and more than 5,000 vessels, processing over five million sailing schedule changes per day.

Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44, said that the new service was introduced amid “staggering” bottlenecks at ports:

“The impact of oceanic bottlenecks on the global economy is staggering. Given the critical nature of the port blockages, we released Port Intel as a service to enable global shippers to identify where the delays are occurring and how they can mitigate delays and avoid future crises. Just days after closing our acquisition, it was amazing to see the p44 and Ocean Insights teams move quickly to integrate our solutions and deliver Port Intel.”

As project44 highlighted in its statement, virtually every business is impacted in some way by disruptions in international shipping, be it due to port delays, a lack of capacity, container shortages or other imbalances.

The video embedded below, shot by the US Coast guard near the California shore last month, shows just how much port congestion has been a factor in recent times.

Given these challenges, Port Intel sets out to be a timely solution for frustrated supply chain professionals. The service will offer its subscribers the possibility to assess the status of their shipments and supply chain, in turn allowing for proactive planning and risk mitigation.

Users can access the report by visiting the Port Intel site and entering vessel identifiers, bill of lading identifiers or ocean container numbers. After inputting these details, Port Intel generates customized updates that include projected time out and port dwell times. The reports are curated by project44’s visibility experts to provide recommendations that integrate real-time data with proven shipping strategies.

To get your report free of charge, visit Port Intel here.

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