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A completely new way of identifying customers, based on a hyper-modern scanner using computer imaging and depth geometry, was developed at Amazon. According to “New York Post” journalists, the solution will go first to the Whole Foods grocery chain and then to couriers, e.g. as a method facilitating payments for the delivered goods.

The scanner employs elements of artificial intelligence (it combines machine learning and computer imaging, plus space geometry). It recognizes the unique shape and size of each palm. For the identification of customers to be possible, the ‘parameters’ of a person’s palm must be included in a special database. Therefore, in order to use this solution, Amazon’s customers will need to visit one of the points where their palms are ‘saved’ and then matched to their accounts. 

User identification by biometrics is not a new solution. What is new, however, is the way of identification, so far the most popular were fingerprint readers or face scanners. The new feature is another ace up the sleeve of the giant who constantly tests new technologies to further simplify the purchasing process. In this case, the advantage is even faster payments, which can be confirmed with an instant palm scan,” comments Sascha Stockem from Nethansa, a Sopot startup that brings Polish and German companies to the international trading platform Amazon.


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