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From 11 to 17 November, the General Directorate of Road Traffic (DGT) conducts increased road inspections. The campaign aims to increase road safety. 

DGT and the Civil Guard‘s “roadside” division will carry out intensified technical inspections of vehicles until Sunday. As the Directorate explains, during the activities they focus primarily on the state of:

  • tires,
  • brakes,
  • traffic lights,

The officers will also check whether the vehicle has a valid MOT. 

Proper maintenance of the vehicle has a decisive impact on ensuring adequate safety conditions throughout its lifetime – emphasizes DGT. 

These safety conditions are periodically verified during technical inspections. According to the management, in 2018, Spanish vehicle inspection stations (ITV) conducted 25.3 million vehicles, of which as many as 4 million (16%) with negative results. This means that every sixth vehicle has been rejected due to failure to meet the minimum safety standards or the emission of harmful substances has been higher than provided for by law.



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