Roadside checking officers in the UK will wear bodycams

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The British authority Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that their enforcement staff is starting to wear body-worn cameras on roadside checks and site visits. The aim is to reduce physical and verbal assaults towards officers.

Around 4,600 people work for DVSA. They test driving learners, help keep vehicles safe through MOTs and annual tests and take unsafe drivers and vehicles off the roads. The introduction of bodycams brings DVSA in line with many other enforcement bodies such as the police who have been using ‘bodycams’ for a number of years in their frontline work.

What is a ‚bodycam’ and why is it needed?

‘Bodycams’ are small devices slightly larger than a credit card which are usually worn on the chest, and record video and audio much like a personal CCTV device.

Whilst the majority of the people we come into contact with are courteous, we need to be able to protect the public without fear of violence or abuse” – explains DVSA the need for the cameras. – “We take a zero-tolerance approach to physical and verbal assaults and the bodycams will act as a deterrent.”

Bodycams will also enable DVSA officers to manage, support and respond to any assaults that take place.

 Photo: DVSA