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Scania reveals new electric trucks with improved batteries for regional transport

Scania has announced the launch of a new electric line designed for regional operations. The trucks’ batteries have been improved, with 624 kWh packs installed, while charging capability has been increased up to 375 kW. This means one hour of charging can provide up to 300 km of range.

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The new trucks come with an improved driveline, batteries and charging capability, and are available in R and S sleeper cabs and as a 4×2 tractor or as 6×2*4 rigid, announced Scania.

“Scania has now reached a maturity with its electric range. With this major addition to our existing hybrids and the battery electric trucks for urban distribution we intro­duced in 2020, we can now offer a sustainable and multi-faceted portfolio of zero-emission solutions for our customers,” said Fredrik Allard, Senior Vice President and Head of Electrification at Scania.

The trucks’ batteries have been improved, with 624 kWh packs installed, each assembled in-house at Scania. The heating and cooling system has been reworked to maintain the powertrain’s and battery pack’s optimum operating temperature, but also to allow drivers greater control of the temperature in the cabin.

The vehicle’s range is dependent on several factors, including weight, configuration and topography, but a 4×2 tractor with six batteries will be able to do up to 350 km between charges, travelling at an average speed of 50mph (80 kph).

The charging capability has been increased up to 375 kW, which means that after an hour of charging it can add up to 300 km of range.

The continuous power output level for the Scania 45 R and S is 410 kW, approximately 560hp. While the new triple electric machine powertrain provides ample electro-mechanical power take-off to support power-hungry applications. This means the new battery-electric vehicles can be used for temperature-controlled and bulk transportation.

The 4×2 tractor’s axle distance has been increased to 4,150 mm when specified with six batteries, allowing it to bene­fit from the Increased Vehicle Dimen­sion regulation in Europe. The gross train weight for the tractor unit is up to 64 tonnes.

The new fully electric trucks are available for order now, with pro­duction commencing in Q4 2023.