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Scania wins Europe’s Green Truck Award for most efficient long-haul truck

Swedish truck manufacturer Scania has been awarded the title of "Green Truck" for 2024, recognising it as the most transport-efficient long-haul truck in Europe. This marks Scania's ninth win out of the 14 competitions held since the award's inception in 2011.

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The annual Green Truck Award is organised by German trade magazines Trucker and VerkehrsRundschau. It uses a formula that considers factors like fuel consumption, average speed, AdBlue usage, and truck weight to determine the most efficient vehicle.

Scania participates in many press tests, but the Green Truck Award focuses on what truly matters in our industry – offering customers the best possible transport efficiency, said Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks. He credits the company’s Super-based powertrain, introduced in 2021 and delivering 8% fuel savings, as a key contributor to their success.

In the 2024 competition, Scania outperformed competitors in all evaluated areas. Their truck achieved an average fuel consumption 0.41 litres per 100km lower than the runner-up, translating to a potential annual saving of over 600 litres for a long-haul truck travelling 150,000km. Additionally, Scania’s entry was the lightest (7,040kg) and achieved the highest average speed (79.70km/h).

The company believes their updated Cruise Control with Active Prediction (CCAP) system, introduced in May 2023, may have provided an additional advantage. The Green Truck competition involves real-world testing on various road types around Munich, with strict monitoring to ensure fairness.