See how a municipal vehicle manufacturer’s automated warehouse works. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

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See how a municipal vehicle manufacturer’s automated warehouse works. Logistics 4.0 in practice.

Efficient storage of machine parts, but also quick and easy access to components is a goal set by logistics experts from companies such as Gamon. These are manufacturers of rather specialist equipment, in this case, high-tech vehicles for cleaning and maintenance of sewage networks. The production of this type of machinery requires the use of many components and accessories ranging from steel parts, wires, fasteners, hydraulic elements, pneumatic elements, sensors and of course the chassis of a truck. The organisation of production is facilitated by an automatic storage lift.

A large number of parts and accessories, including highly customised ones, makes the management of deliveries a key issue for the company Pojazdy Komunalne Gamon from Aleksandrów Łódzki. For this reason, the company decided to automate the warehouse. The Modula automatic storage lift is intended to provide access to all components and enable an efficient picking process.

The 6.5 meters high Modula lift consists of 2 storage columns (front and back). Between them, there is a transport column with a moving extractor that shifts trays between the storage columns and the access window. The Modula lift with a maximum load capacity of 60 tons is equipped with 30 trays with dimensions of 4100 mm x 857 mm and a load capacity of 500 kg each, ensuring over 105 sqm of storage space.

Each of the vehicles manufactured by Pojazdy Komunalne Gamon is different from the previous ones, hence the need to take great care of error-free picking of components necessary for every stage of assembly.

Lack of even one small component out of a tremendous number of parts makes the assembled machine incomplete and can slow down or even stop the manufacturing process. Reducing the number of errors to an absolute minimum is done by using a barcode scanner to complete orders. The barcodes are used to mark articles and orders.

Space-efficient automatic racking

The access window is equipped with an optical height measurement functionality that allows measuring the height of articles on the trays and storing them inside without losing space. The measurement of the position of trays is carried out with an accuracy of 25 mm, which ensures high efficiency in the use of storage space.

Right next to the access window there is a desktop with a convenient colour touch screen from which the operator issues commands so that the right components reach his hands.

The Modula automated storage lift is equipped with a control panel using an industrial computer with a Windows operating system, which enables a very simple and easy exchange of data (CSV or XML files) with an external IT system.

Benefits of automation

Among the main benefits of this automated storage lift, the user mentions the following:

– savings of storage space,

– the use of the available hall height,

– facilitating and speeding up access to stored articles,

– more accurate and safer warehouse operation,

-the possibility of integration with process line machinery and IT warehouse systems of ERP/WMS class.

Thanks to the WMS software, the commissioned, automated system provides up-to-date, full information on inventory, minimum stocks, locations and ensures the execution of orders sent from an external ERP system. This information technology supports fulfilment of orders involving completion, picking and returns, but also supports e.g. management (identification of operators based on the use of logins and passwords). The system also includes an extensive service and diagnostics module ensuring appropriate control over the technical aspects of wthe arehouse operation.

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